Coach Luxury Accessories – New Coach Legacy Boutiques Target The Sophisticated Shopper

Coach, the American brand of luxury accessories, is opening
two new boutiques that will showcase the leading edge of
their brand. Coach’s Legacy line will be a major part of
the offerings at these new concept stores.

These two boutiques will be located in stylish areas of
New York City and Los Angeles. Coach plans to create an
intimate setting for these specialty stores. The atmosphere
should appeal to the more sophisticated consumer.

More Americans are enjoying the ability to afford more
affluent brands, products, and experiences. They are
looking for items that are differentiated from the
mainstream. Shopping for luxury items is far from filling
one’s basic needs. Therefore, the shopper of premium
accessories is looking to fill other desires.

Sophisticated shoppers look for items that represent how
they feel about themselves. This premium buyer is really
shopping for an emotional attachment to what they purchase.
Pam Danziger, the luxury shopping expert, says, “High
emotion is what drives the shopper to buy and successful
companies like Coach play to emotion in the entire retail
and product experience.”

How do you move an established luxury brand forward? Well,
Coach is doing it by utilizing a very targeted approach
that exemplifies their overall strategy.

High-end brands must keep the integrity of the brand solid
in the minds of all its prospective customers. Not all
customers of luxury goods will buy the most expensive items
that are offered, but all must want the possibility of
purchasing them and want to be associated with a lifestyle
that offers them.

Cultivating this desire throughout one’s customer base
heightens the desire for the brand as a whole. Focusing a
few select boutiques on creating an emotional attachment
with sophisticated shoppers will bring the entire brand

Coach’s mission statement is “to be the leading brand of
quality lifestyle accessories offering classic, modern
American styling.” Broadening their line of products
towards the upper end will make their mission much easier.