Coach Luggage – An Affordable Luxury

The Coach name has been synonymous to distinguished leather products and has been in the leather making industry for more than 50 years. It started as a family ran business from Manhattan with 6 people manning the production of a collection of quality leather goods. Now the Coach Luggage brand was one of the most sought after products in the leather goods industry.

The Coach luggage was first introduced to the mainstream market in the form of twelve simple yet elegant bag designs that well embodied the classic and balanced Coach brand of distinction. As time flew by, the Coach collection grew and more and more styles and designs were introduced much to the delight of its avid customer base.

The underlying principle within the making of coach luggage items is the perfect and striking balance of aesthetics and functionality. This ensures that people who will be using the coach luggage products will experience comfort, efficiency and convenience that Coach manufacturing team hopes to provide.

The complete line of coach luggage products boasts of an array of nylon accessory bags, passport covers, travel kits, signature duffel bags, flight and cabin bags, suit bags and totes. Each are individually designed for men and women. Coach also offers a lifetime guarantee to any original coach luggage that will be purchased; definitely a huge plus. They will repair any authentic coach bag or accessory regardless of the reasons why it has been damaged.

They will of course charge for the shipping fee but apart from that, they will assess the damage of the item and make a decision based on that assessment. If the item cannot be fixed, its either they send a brand new coach luggage bag of the same make to replace the damaged one, a voucher the worth of the bag or offer a large discount on the customer’s next purchase. Coach puts a lot of value to the integrity of their product and they understand the wear and tear of everyday use.

They know that their bags are included in the high end priced products in the market so this is something they do to give back to customers who support them. This is maybe one of the reasons why half a century later, Coach still has a growing number of customer base. The Coach Luggage products curiously enjoys a very high profit margin which is several times higher than its competitor designer brands. Presumably, its because Coach has longer production runs compared to other branded luggage makers.

Nowadays, there are more than 300 Coach Luggage stores all over the United States and Canada. Analysts concluded that the reason why Coach is gaining more and more popularity is because it has made it possible for a luxury product to be reasonably priced, making it more appealing to the budget conscious consumer market segment.