Coach Handbags – Popular and Classic

When I am out doing my typical morning walk on Saturday, I really do not pay attention to fashion at such an early hour. However, living in an urban area, I can’t help but notice how many times I pass someone wearing a Coach handbag. It is absolutely amazing to see the amount of people that have these bags and accessories compared to other brand designers. I have a few myself and they are really great purses I might add.

Two things are for sure is that the bags are very popular and classic. Ever since coming on the market in 1941, they have been an enormous hit with a lot of people. Just thinking about the Coach collections, there are so many styles to choose from and new styles are being made every year. From satchels to shoppers, clutches, wallets, cross body bags, you name the style and they have it. In terms of accessories, they have wallets and coin purses and more to match your handbag.

Coach bags are made with material like high quality leather and jacquard material. Sometimes these materials are used in combination on the same bag making them really stand out. The jacquard material and leather can both be cleaned if the stain is not that bad and all Coach bags simply get better with age.

Another thing that makes them so popular and classic is the price point of their items. The average cost of a bag ranges from $120.00 to $450.00. The pricing and quality makes them a real hit because although they are not the cheapest, they certainly are not the highest making them affordable and in demand

You can find Coach handbags at your local mall at Macy’s and at various outlet stores around the country and you can also find great deals online. I totally understand why Coach has the reputation that they have and based on the amount of people that own their products tells me that they will continue to be popular and classic for years to come.