Coach Handbags: Make It Yours with Customization and Reversibility!

We’ve all fallen in love with Coach’s sophisticated style, all the way from its facing “C’s” to the beautiful jaquard material. The beauty of Coach handbags and accessories are timeless, versatile and understated. As if this weren’t enough, Coach has created a way to make that favorite Coach purse truly yours: Get it monogrammed!
The Signature Stripe Collection – Tote Bag

It gets better – not only can your new Signature Stripe Collection tote be monogrammed on the strip, it is also reversible. It’s almost like having two handbags for the price of one. While one side features the signature stripe with your initials on it, the other side leaves out the stripe and presents a pocketed outer design.

The signature tote is a favorite among favorites. Truly versatile and classic in its design, the signature stripe tote is available in different sizes with the option to monogram and reverse! The reversible side is just as beautiful as the stripe side with a fashionable pocket with Coach’s emblem along the front.

The stripe on these new Coach bags is beautiful on its own. If you’d rather not show off your monogram, you can skip the initials and still enjoy the stripe design. Or, you can get it monogrammed and reverse it when you’re ready for a newer look.

Other Signature Stripe Collection Handbags

Many signature style Coach handbags are included in this collection. Starting with the cute styling of the Demi, small and sharp: The Demi purse has an exaggerated stripe over the classic Coach design. The straps are removable so that you can use it as a clutch purse or wristlet.

The pouch purse is also available in signature stripe. Rounded and beautifully shaped, the Coach pouch looks great with almost anything. The swing pack handbag is next on the list, a truly fun design that can be worn over one shoulder or across the chest. In addition, luggage items, cosmetic bags and the camera bag are also included in the signature stripe to match your new Coach signature stripe purse.

To add to your accessories, the wristlet, zip coin purse and wallet in signature stripe will look great in your Coach handbag. The best part about the signature stripe collection by Coach is that it will match with your other Coach products. Because signature stripe purses and accessories are available in almost every color, it’ll be easy to match and accessorize.

Priced fairly, as are most other Coach purses and wallets, you can enjoy the new Signature Stripe collect purse for as little as $150!

Fall Coach Handbags – Be in Style For Fall

Are you a “purseaholic?” If yes, then you probably know that there are many others like you and I who clamor to get the latest handbag to add to your collection such as the fall Coach handbag. Who can blame us? Coach handbags are strictly a work of art, and it boasts of excellent craftsmanship and quality for more than 60 years, and has had a steady stream of loyal customers worldwide. The new line of handbags is a gorgeous compliment to any outfit in your fall wardrobe and will have you looking chic and elegant. Beyond a doubt, you will be able to get the ideal accessories and wallet to complement your brand new handbag.

One of the most well-known styles manufactured by this company is the Hobo bag. It has an ergonomic strap which can easily be adjusted so you can wear it comfortably. Not only does is it made with soft leather which is both flexible and luscious, it is available in a wide array of eye-catching colors. The brand has come up with striking and attractive colors for this year’s fall season. It comes in midnight blue with a delicate metallic gleam that is all the rage this season. Textured metallic handbags in silver and light brass are also very popular. The satchel is another outrageously trendy design this fall with its mini handles. It’s very simple to carry and you have the option of using a removable strap if you prefer to throw this fall Coach handbag over your shoulder, making it a flexible and tasteful alternative this time of the year.

Regardless of the type of fall Coach handbag you choose, you’ll surely find a wide array of styles, colors, and shapes available in the market. Coach is popular for launching a full line of products each season to accommodate even the pickiest of customers. Typically, the prices of Coach handbags range between $350 to $900, but for great deals you may run to your nearest Coach factory outlet store. Of course, if you are a “purseaholic” and a shopaholic like us, you won’t wait for the next season to get Coach bags in markdown prices because you are always itching to grab the latest and greatest and you have to have it now! With the new, more affordable, trendy line of handbags from Coach, you gotta have one today and all the other accessories that go with it!

Coach Luxury Accessories – New Coach Legacy Boutiques Target The Sophisticated Shopper

Coach, the American brand of luxury accessories, is opening
two new boutiques that will showcase the leading edge of
their brand. Coach’s Legacy line will be a major part of
the offerings at these new concept stores.

These two boutiques will be located in stylish areas of
New York City and Los Angeles. Coach plans to create an
intimate setting for these specialty stores. The atmosphere
should appeal to the more sophisticated consumer.

More Americans are enjoying the ability to afford more
affluent brands, products, and experiences. They are
looking for items that are differentiated from the
mainstream. Shopping for luxury items is far from filling
one’s basic needs. Therefore, the shopper of premium
accessories is looking to fill other desires.

Sophisticated shoppers look for items that represent how
they feel about themselves. This premium buyer is really
shopping for an emotional attachment to what they purchase.
Pam Danziger, the luxury shopping expert, says, “High
emotion is what drives the shopper to buy and successful
companies like Coach play to emotion in the entire retail
and product experience.”

How do you move an established luxury brand forward? Well,
Coach is doing it by utilizing a very targeted approach
that exemplifies their overall strategy.

High-end brands must keep the integrity of the brand solid
in the minds of all its prospective customers. Not all
customers of luxury goods will buy the most expensive items
that are offered, but all must want the possibility of
purchasing them and want to be associated with a lifestyle
that offers them.

Cultivating this desire throughout one’s customer base
heightens the desire for the brand as a whole. Focusing a
few select boutiques on creating an emotional attachment
with sophisticated shoppers will bring the entire brand

Coach’s mission statement is “to be the leading brand of
quality lifestyle accessories offering classic, modern
American styling.” Broadening their line of products
towards the upper end will make their mission much easier.

Coach Luggage – An Affordable Luxury

The Coach name has been synonymous to distinguished leather products and has been in the leather making industry for more than 50 years. It started as a family ran business from Manhattan with 6 people manning the production of a collection of quality leather goods. Now the Coach Luggage brand was one of the most sought after products in the leather goods industry.

The Coach luggage was first introduced to the mainstream market in the form of twelve simple yet elegant bag designs that well embodied the classic and balanced Coach brand of distinction. As time flew by, the Coach collection grew and more and more styles and designs were introduced much to the delight of its avid customer base.

The underlying principle within the making of coach luggage items is the perfect and striking balance of aesthetics and functionality. This ensures that people who will be using the coach luggage products will experience comfort, efficiency and convenience that Coach manufacturing team hopes to provide.

The complete line of coach luggage products boasts of an array of nylon accessory bags, passport covers, travel kits, signature duffel bags, flight and cabin bags, suit bags and totes. Each are individually designed for men and women. Coach also offers a lifetime guarantee to any original coach luggage that will be purchased; definitely a huge plus. They will repair any authentic coach bag or accessory regardless of the reasons why it has been damaged.

They will of course charge for the shipping fee but apart from that, they will assess the damage of the item and make a decision based on that assessment. If the item cannot be fixed, its either they send a brand new coach luggage bag of the same make to replace the damaged one, a voucher the worth of the bag or offer a large discount on the customer’s next purchase. Coach puts a lot of value to the integrity of their product and they understand the wear and tear of everyday use.

They know that their bags are included in the high end priced products in the market so this is something they do to give back to customers who support them. This is maybe one of the reasons why half a century later, Coach still has a growing number of customer base. The Coach Luggage products curiously enjoys a very high profit margin which is several times higher than its competitor designer brands. Presumably, its because Coach has longer production runs compared to other branded luggage makers.

Nowadays, there are more than 300 Coach Luggage stores all over the United States and Canada. Analysts concluded that the reason why Coach is gaining more and more popularity is because it has made it possible for a luxury product to be reasonably priced, making it more appealing to the budget conscious consumer market segment.