Enjoy the Spring Season With a Colorful Coach Bag

When the winter chill has finally thawed and the warm spring sunshine starts to peak behind the dull gray clouds, it’s time to put away your bulky hats, scarves, mittens and purses and pull out your lovely spring accessories. The spring Coach bag this year is fun and flirty and perfect for any occasion. The bright, multi-colored styles coordinate with almost any item in your spring wardrobe and it’s just the thing to make your outfit perfectly accessorized for that special date! Fall and Winter seasons are all about drab colors, so when spring time comes, it is time to pull out all of the stops and chose a purse with daring colors and style to perk up your wardrobe.

The spirit and theme of the spring collection by Coach is bright and vivid colors missed and matched together so awkwardly that is just…works. The combination colors of crisp apple green, shocking pink and turquoise blue all placed in different patterns such as a fun patchwork print, or intertwining “Coach” links that most people who know Coach’s’ products well are accustomed to. The colors are a fun and playful take on the spring season and a far cry from the deep metallic prints and colors from the fall and winter season inventory. These purses certainly would not work well during the colder months of the year, but they work incredibly well from March-Labor Day.

If you aren’t too particular about have the must have items of the season, you certainly can wait 6 months and by last year’s spring items for a fraction of the price at most Coach outlet stores. It would be a pity not to use a darling spring Coach bag right away, but the money that you will be saving may be worth the wait! If you can’t wait and you simply must have a piece from the new spring line, be prepared to shell out a pretty penny for one of the delightful spring bags which will cost you anywhere from $300-$800. Yes, that is a large amount of money for one measly bag, but hey, nobody said that being fashionable was cheap, did they?

Christmas Gift Ideas – Buy Coach Products

When you mention the Coach name to a person most of the time the Coach signature purses or big Coach leather purses start the conversation. It is common knowledge that these purses start at a few hundred dollars and go on up into the thousands.

Not such common knowledge is that the Coach company has lots of different products at different price points to make your Christmas shopping an easier task. Did you know that you can get a Coach lip gloss for $22 or super cute boots for a few hundred?

Here is a sample list of the some of the options you have to purchase in the Coach brand.













Cosmetic Cases




Jewelry Pouches






Lip Glosses

So I do think that they can find a few items on the list of Coach products that will fit the needs and wants of those on your Christmas list. I mean, really, the Coach line includes a necklace to give your boyfriend. Talk about variety.

Here is a shopping guide to help you with your shopping.

Coach Gifts for Under $100


The Graphic Op Art wristlet is a favorite of mine with its more abstract c pattern that features a strong geometric flavor. This wristlet comes with a 12 in strap and zip-top closure. It is a smaller wristlet size 6.5 in long and 4 high so it is $58 instead of the $98 wristlets that are 8 in long.

Cosmetic Case

The Amanda line of products are a really fun line with a bit of pizzaz. The vibrant colors include magenta and teal. This line has a lot of variety but one of my favorite picks for under $100 would be the large satin cosmetic case at $88. This cosmetic case has a zip-top closure with an inside pocket. It is available in four colors: grass, magenta, plum and zeal. Pick the color that best suits the person and you have a wonderful gift.


The Coach bangle bracelet are a fun accessory to add to a jewelry collection. The .5 in signature sells for $78.


Whether the person on your Christmas list favors the signature pattern or tattersall pattern, you can purchase an umbrella in either design for $88.


The very fun and stylish holiday pave ball earrings allow you to join in the Christmas spirit with a touch of elegance. These earrings are selling for $98.

Lip Gloss

This lip gloss makes a great small gift or addition to your purchase. The lip gloss container displays the signature pattern. At $22 the colors of Gardenia, Hibiscus, and Heather are a wonderful Christmas gift.

Coach Products for Under $200


The 1in zebra bangle is a really fun gift for someone. This bracelet sells for $138.


Wide signature hoop earrings, selling for $98, are a classic piece of jewelry for a Christmas gift.

Smaller Handbag

The Zoe Patent Top Handle Pouch sells for $198. It is an adorable handbag with a bit of style. This style comes in berry, black, chestnut, crimson, and petrol. This pouch can be used on a daily basis or for special occasions. Choose the color that best fits the personality of the person on your Christmas list.

Rubber Boots

You guessed it the Coach company does have lots of selection. You can have style in the rain while wearing these fashionable rubber boats with a funky graphic Op Art design. What a fun gift to get someone for Christmas. These Periwinkle boots retail for $118.


The Tabatha wedge heel has a classy look with a bit of an edge with its 3 ½ in wedge heel. The heel has metallic leather lining with straps made of satin and patent leather. This shoe is would be great with a dress or pants. This wedge sells for $168.

Christmas Gifts from Coach for Under $300

Satchel/Shoulder Bag in One

The Coach Op Art Sabrina gives you choices. It can be carried as a satchel or shoulder bag. When you are using the Coach bag as a satchel you simply snap the shoulder strap to the bottom of the bag. What convenience! This two in one bag sells for $298.


The Juniper is a rubber soled winter boot. This boots sports the quilted signature fabric with suede trim. The drawstring adds functionality with cute balls on the end of the string for fun. This boot style sells for $238.

Coach Classic Court Bag

A classic piece for a purse collection is a beautiful leather handbag. The Court bag is a great handbag with high quality leather. It has an adjustable strap and comes in four colors. This handbag sells for $258.


Coach Ella Sunglasses include contrasting mother of pearl bezels. These sunglasses have gradient lens and provide uv protection. The Coach sunglasses come with the coach case and maxi-velvet cleaning cloth.

Coach Christmas Gifts Under $400

Bleecker Tote

The Coach tonal patchwork Bleecker tote adds a twist of fun and elegance to a handbag collection. Displaying patches of solid leather, metallic leather, printed metallic crocodile, signature patterns, and animal prints this is an eye-catching bag. This Coach purse is can be carried or slipped over your shoulder. What a wonderful Christmas gift at $398!


The transatlantic leather handle zip portfolio has an organizational panel to hold everything in place. This portfolio is made from only high quality leather used in all Coach products. With multiple pockets, this portfolio is a high functioning bag. This portfolio sells for $348.


The Zoe line has a handbag available in suede or leather that retails for $398. This handbag has a 17 ¼ in strap with a zip-top closure. It features multi-functional pockets to reduce the purse digging that so many of us go through.

With so many choices from Coach, you can have a great time shopping for those on your Christmas list. Have a great time this Christmas shopping season.

Spring Coach Bags – Accessories For 2010

Spring Coach bags are lighting up women’s faces all around the world. Maybe it is the style, quality of stitching, or the softness of the leather that the company is renown for. There are so many different designs and styles. You can definitely find yourself a bag that will go with everything in your wardrobe.

From its onset, Coach has been a highly desirable item. Coach uses only the best quality materials to make their totes and they make sure the stitching that holds it together is perfect. Some people like to pass their bags down from generation to generation and can be confident that they will stand the test of time

The biggest seller has always been the shoulder tote bag. Not only is it made with the signature leather but also has the brass hardware for which the company is widely known. You can find these spring Coach bags in conservative colors like black, navy, and tan. You can also buy them in bright orange, lime green, fuschia and other beautiful solids and geometric designs.

When Coach makes a purse or bag you know there is a great deal of patience involved. The leather used is softened for many days in large drums. They make sure the process is done to perfection to get the perfect texture and degree of softness before it is sold. Stitching is done with spun cotton and double stitching is used so there is no chance they will come apart. All spring Coach bags have a lifetime warranty and if the bag falls apart or is damaged you only have to ship it back to them. If the bag can’t be repaired they will send you either a new bag or give you a really nice discount on the next purchase you make.

Women enjoy collecting spring Coach bags. They are of a higher quality, last longer and look great for a very long time in comparison to other brands. A woman with a Coach bag will always look sophisticated no matter what she is wearing. It is the softness of the leather, the security of the lock closure, and the distinctive type that causes a woman to love spring Coach bags.

Spring Coach Bags Are All About Color

When the weather is chilly and snowflakes are falling on the ground, your wardrobe attire and accessories tend to mimic that particular time of year. The same can be said when the sun starts shining and the flowers start to bloom. A refreshing breath of fresh air inside of your closet will help you get your wardrobe into the spring mood and the best place to start is by buying yourself one of many fabulous spring Coach Bags. Coach always is fashion forward and caters to whatever season is in play at the time and spring is no exception. Bright, vivid colors and fun patterns are what make Coach Bags so playful and enjoyable to carry around. Your purse will definitely be a conversation piece wherever you go.

One of the more popular styles in the spring collection from Coach is the satchel. It is compact enough not to be too overbearing and heavy, yet allows enough room for all of the essentials such as a wallet, lipstick, cell phone and the all-important spring time accessory, your sunglasses! The satchel design comes in a magnitude of fun lovely colors such as a playful patchwork design with colors of green, pink and blue all intertwined together on a canvas material. If you are looking for a more durable material, you can go with a leather satchel in a fun color such as lavender or gold. The soft, supple leather is silky smooth and carries with it an air of sophistication, even with its playful colors, making it a great piece to take to the office and then out for some fun after work!

Spring Coach Bags can perk up any boring outfit you have hanging in your closet. If you are more of a conservative dresser, choosing to stay with neutral tones and plain colors instead of patterned pieces, then a Coach purse is the perfect accessory for you because it will add that much needed splash of color and add some pizzazz to your wardrobe without you feeling uncomfortable about what you are wearing. In addition to the purses, Coach also carries a wide variety of purses, sunglasses cases and other accessories which will perfectly compliment your new spring purchase!