Five Road Trip Ideas

Five Road Trip Ideas

Road trip ideas? It’s a pretty vague concept.

However, here are our five of our favourite ideas, in five different continents:

North America
Pacific Coast Highway, California, USA
Nothing screams “road trip” more than the thought of cruising down the highway with the windows down, driving music on and sun shining.

For that reason, no list worth its salt could exclude this classic trip.

The 123-mile route starting in Monterey and ending in Morro Bay threatens sensual overlaod, such is the beauty and diversity of the five-hour trip across the central Californian coastline.

From the Redwood groves of Big Sur through the breathtaking altitude of the stunning Garrapatta State Park, every mile of this route offers something worth seeing – an unforgettable photo opportunity. Even stopping off for something to eat is a worthwhile experience, pushing this into solid gold road trip ideas territory – Nepenthe, a restaurant perched 800 feet above sea level offers the kind of views you simply can’t buy.

However you choose to enjoy this route, its one with wonderful diversity, and all the while hugging the beautiful Pacific coast.

Yorkshire, England
The biggest county in England, Yorkshire is traditionally divided into three areas, or “ridings”, the north, west and east.

It’s one of the most diverse areas in the country, offering vibrant city life and humble, unhurried villages, making this one of the best trips in the UK.

Start in the rolling hills of the national park the Yorkshire Dales in West Yorkshire, and visit quaint, wonderfully laid-back towns such as Kettlewell and Skipton stopping in the country pubs and B&Bs, then head north east towards the county’s second national park, the North York Moors, and explore the heather-filled hills that stretch right out towards the north sea. Spend an evening in beautiful seaside town Whitby (of Cptain Cook and Dracula fame) then drive back through the moors to the historic city of York – Britain’s most haunted city, and undoubtedly one of its most beautiful.

North Island, New Zealand
Sometimes road trip ideas are more than just that – sometimes taking a road trip is simply a necessity. No visit to New Zealand can be complete without a road trip of the country’s north island.

In this diverse country, you can take your pick from thousands of permutations, but we recommend doing one that goes between Auckland and capital, Wellington.

Road trip ideas can be tailored to your specific needs, and nowhere is it more apparent than on this route, where, depending on your exact route, you can expect to find lakes, rainforest, volcanic fields and mountains. With natural beauty at every turn, this is one of the most fulfilling trips you could take.

Bangkok to Singapore
Like to be ambitious? Step right this way. A road trip from Bangkok to Singapore will take in a mammoth 1,250 miles, but we can pretty much guarantee it’ll be about the most stunning car journey of your life.

Taking in everything from jungles to rainforests, to plantations and stunning beaches, if you have a few weeks to spare, this could be every kind of break you ever dreamed of rolled into one. Bookended by two of the most impressive urban areas on the planet, with road trip ideas like this, it’s the kind of trip that the phrase “trip of a lifetime” was coined for.

South America
Argentina, La Cuarenta
If you like trips to involve desolation, you’ve come to the right place.

La Cuarenta is possibly the loneliest road trip in the world, but the feeling of isolation and desolation it brings – many roads off the Ruta Nacional 40 the route takes simply lead to nowhere – allow a sharper focus for the simply gorgeous things you’ll find along the way – Andean lakes, incredible wildlife and pre-Colombian roack art.

Trips like this won’t be for everyone. High winds can prove hazardous to motorcyclists, while the sheer desolation can be intimidating in itself, but if you’re of the adventurous kind, it’ll be the kind of trip you’ll be telling the grandkids about.

When working on road trip ideas, all require careful planning. Always make sure your vehicle’s had a good service before you head off, make sure you carry some extra petrol in a jerry can, and make sure you have a comprehensive map. Take non-perishable food and drink, too, as well as blankets.

The unexpected can and does happen on road trips, whichever road trip ideas you concoct – that’s part of the fun, but always make sure you’re fully prepared should things go awry.

This guide alone can’t begin to provide a comprehensive range of wonderful road trip ideas, but hopefully it’s given enough food for thought in whatever road trip ideas you go with.

First-hand experience has taught me how overwhelming it can be to plan for a trip and often it’s the little things that can contribute to a stressful situation.